William Tarpeh  trains pastors interpret the scripture well
Photographer Rachel Gwole

A MAF partnership with Equipping Servants International is building up skills in isolated communities.

MAF flights are helping a project that is strengthening the local church in Liberia, by bringing support to pastors in remote parts of the country.

William Tarpeh, of Equipping Servants International, flew with MAF from the capital Monrovia to the southeastern community of Harper where he is training pastors to communicate better with their congregations.

ESI has partnered with MAF Liberia for the past three years to help it reach rural areas where many church leaders need more support to understand and interpret scriptures.

“The mark MAF has made is a whole difference in the ministry,” William said.

“We use the plans every year-end by visiting Harper, the relationships with MAF bring pastors to cheer, and it is a great blessing having MAF in Liberia. A big thank you to the ministry for bringing hope and healing to the country.”

The mark MAF has made is a whole difference in the ministry
William Tarpeh trains pastors interpret the scripture well

ESI’s goal is to train pastors in the southeastern region to understand a book called ‘’Hermeneutics’’ which teaches pastors to interpret the Bible effectively.  The training in rural areas helps pastors speak clearly for their churches to understand the meaning of the message. With the help of the ministry, pastors have become effective in their ministries using the skills they have learned.

Towards the end of each year, ESI conducts a one-week conference in two places - central Monrovia and within rural areas. Leaders travel long distances to train pastors, working with people in isolated locations, but the condition of the roads makes it hard to reach some places.

“ESI’s major worries in the past were the road condition and spending days and nights caused a delay within the ministry,” William said.

“Comparing the roads and MAF flights is just an hour and a few minutes, it is the best reward we have gotten within the ministry.’’ 

Pastors enjoyed the one week conference in Harper, Maryland County
Photographer William Tarpeh
The pastors enjoyed the one week training with Equipping Servants International leaders

The training materials have helped pastors build their skills as teachers and leaders in their communities.

“Some of the pastors are professional speakers and are now bearing fruits within their ministry while other pastors are still struggling to understand and interpret the deeper meaning of the scriptures to their audience,” William added.

“With MAF, the ministry can boast of the achievements that they have accomplished.

“MAF is fascinating, MAF’s impact has done so much for the church to be able to carry out its work throughout the country. MAF is indescribable, words are inadequate to express my gratitude to the team.

“MAF is safe, people are very friendly, MAF makes trips easy, and our ministries have reached the targeted people within the isolated areas.”